ACF Sailing - CCYC Members Regatta


ACF Sailing – CCYC Members Regatta 6-7th October 2018

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to take part in the Cowes Corinthian Yacht Clubs (CCYC) first Members regatta.

Often many regattas for small keelboats are run against their own class of boat. Where many of us prefer that style of racing, it can also be fun to jump in a mixed handicap fleet and race against your peers in other classes also and creates some good banter.

The event was almost blown off on Saturday by heavy rain and winds causing the day to be cancelled but for us it created an opportunity to bond over a long lunch.

On the Saturday night, A few of us attended the CCYC’s laying up summer. We can’t express enough at how these events at the club truly show how welcoming it is and the value of being a member of such a great community, which many members are also members of other clubs in Cowes also. We were very grateful for the continued support of the club gives us.

Following into Sunday, buzzing from the night before, the polar opposite weather of the previous day with the sun shining and the wind perfect for a mixed fleet. We had a nice leisurely start time of 1230. The race team did a fantastic job of laying on the perfect simple course as the wind lightened allowing us just enough to get home.

Typically as this time of year we had a few sailors drop out with colds but that didn’t stop us. Having such a mixed variety of sailors across 2 off our Sonars from missing limbs, Mental health, new and current volunteers, it was also an honour to have our chairman, Andrew Cassell himself Sailing with us to keep all inspired on such a great occasion.

To top it off another of our trustees, Andrew Millband in his Flying Fifteen leading by example and taking the win on the day showing disabled people can’t just compete against the able-bodied but also win the trophy’s too.

But the best comes of all and I go back to the welcoming environment we are lucky to be in. We are still gobsmacked by the amount of people offering support again when leaving the club after the final day.

It just goes to show, if you commit to empowering others with what you can create through the right environment and equipment and people, you can enable individuals and communities to achieve any goal and engage in an social environment which many would normally shy away from.

Our goal is to enable disabled people using competitive Sail Racing, by removing the barriers of disability and engage individuals into the fantastic social environment the sport has to offer on a truly equal level playing field which sailing supports.

If you’d like to get involved as an disabled sailor then please do get in touch before space fills for our regular activity upcoming.

Also if able-bodied volunteers for both on and of the water are always welcome and needed. You don’t have to be a good sailor and we are happy to help you along the way. Remember some people just need you to be there hand, eyes, etc…

Contact is best through our email of or via our website

The team at the Andrew Cassell Foundation look forward to hearing from you!


Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club

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