ACF Sailing – Update 1-2nd Dec 2018


ACF Sailing – Update 1-2nd Dec 2018

Changing perceptions – Well what can we say? Some think were daft to even be planning sailing sessions at this time of the year and we love that we are proving people wrong and taking up opportunities that arise with more people joining us all the time.

In fact even Facebook memories today has shown us were doing the right thing of loving our sport and taking every day as it comes, by embracing the weather, managing the risks, staying safe and enjoying the sport we love. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and we can’t go and play but that’s ok because as we proved having patients and using our knowledge, we were able to have a great weekends sailing.

8 years ago on the 3rd December 2010… It was snowing hard on the island to this day, yes the little island where many locals always said it never snowed, was not far from the opposite, we had both sun and rain and it was a nice cool temperature. We couldn’t get out first thing on Saturday due to the heavy winds and rain but it cleared as forecasted and fun was had.

We’ll keep this one short but to those who wrapped up inside, stayed on shore and missed the great time we had both learning, improving and including meeting new people, not to mention the great atmosphere that’s building in the club as we come off the water thanks to the great support we are given by all at the CCYC, and then a nice evening social in the local Duke of York – Take a look on our Facebook page for the video of our Sunday racing to see what you’ve missed out on.

Stat’s for the weekend – 7 impaired/disabled, 4 able plus a dog and baby about to pop. (Before you say it, baby, dog and plus one stayed ashore to support).

If you’d like to know more about how to get involved then please do send us an email to or check out to see our future activity.

Yours sincerely,

The ACF Sailing Team


Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club

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