CCYC Members Regatta 27-28th April 2019 - ACF Sailing Update


The best part of a mini club regatta has to be the great chat in the club after a fun days racing.

We bought along 12 sailors to race in 3 Sonar’s to the CCYC’s event with the aim of supporting the club to show our thanks for the winter support.

This regatta is the evidence that the social side of sailing is what inspires and grows this sport and why for us the environment is so important, welcoming and open to all.

Saturday was sadly one of those days when the wind is just a little too much with Storm Hannah deciding to get in the way, but the club was open, thus a nice chat in the sun with some of our team followed by an fantastic club fitting out supper which 10 of the team joined. The chat was not normal due to no sailing to discuss but it still enabled people to meet who hadn’t before.

Sunday was a different story, it was a typical Solent race of just under 2 hours of completely mixed boats, from small yachts to tiny squib’s. But the weather actually came out perfectly and ended up a fantastic course and race. It makes you wonder why there isn’t more handicap racing.

With our 3 boats, we called not to use kites pre-start, with the wind on the limit of the experience we had on board it was best keep to fair and fun, the wind did drop which was itching for some us to put up our kites but we all resisted and kept to plan.

Still yet, all of our boats were competitive and the feedback from new sailors was fantastic. With comments such as, ‘We had such a laugh and were debating on whether to break the no kites rule as technically we can only get in trouble once’ to ‘the explanations were fantastic on the what was going on’ all from a new able sailor who had only been out 5 days worth!

Success hits home from all of the smiles and laughter in the club after, drive from members to make more happen, fantastic feedback from the other boats and a vibe that just made you want to make more happen.

Our boats finished respectively, 2nd, 7th and 8th out of 10 boats started and 12 entered.

Apologise for the lack of pictures but we were busy sailing having fun!

Thank you to all involved, from the CCYC staff, volunteers, committee, sailors and most of all, everyone who turned up to make it such a great day!

If you are reading this and are not yet involved your probably missing out! If you’d like to get involved in any form then do get in touch via and check out our previous updates at or via our facebook page.

Your sincerely,

The ACF Sailing Team


Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club

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